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Colonial Wall

Retaining Walls Can Hold Back A Hillside

Whether you are looking to secure your home, garden, or yard, retaining walls provide many benefits. They can stand strong in areas where erosion is a major concern, they can hold back a hillside, and they can even act as a windbreak. Proper drainage of your wall is crucial to its longevity. Retaining walls can also be constructed to hold back a hillside or as a free-standing landscape wall.

Avalos Landscape Construction LLC is a dependable supplier of retaining wall blocks. We supply your project with a guaranteed low price backed by our knowledgeable and friendly team. Retaining walls are often used in landscapes for functional and aesthetic purposes. Such masonry walls are the first choice in wall design when it comes to retaining water and other elements. Retaining walls also serve as a solid foundation for drainage, which protects from soil erosion, sedimentation, and flooding.

Retaining wall blocks are a key option for architecture and construction. Retaining wall blocks have many benefits including drainage behind the wall, size, style, color, and more. For this reason, retaining walls are important to include in your next project

Retaining Wall Blocks and
Landscape Wall Blocks

A retainer wall is an ideal solution for turf and any structure that needs to be extra durable. Our walls are designed to withstand a lot of weather and abuse, without compromising the aesthetic appearance of your landscaping project.

Benefits of Retaining Wall Installation

Colonial Wall Blocks

High-Quality, Durable Construction

Colonial Wall Build is the perfect solution for creating not just one, but multiple outdoor living spaces on your property. Colonial Wall is a highly versatile one unit design that can be installed as a residential or commercial hardscaping project.

Colonial walls may be installed on natural or manmade surfaces. It is also available in a 6”, 5 ”, 4”, 3” and 2” thickness.

Colonial Wall’s one-unit design provides limitless options for building your home or office, with the option to build a freestanding or foundation-mounted wall that compliments any landscape. With our wide selection of materials, we help you create a unique and unforgettable outdoor living space. Whether it’s natural stone with decorative designs, or one-of-a-kind wood and metal construction, there’s something for every style.

Create Your Own Outdoor Landscape Design

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