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Hardscaping Services

Looking For an Experience Hardscaping Specialist?

When you hire us for your landscaping project, you can trust that we’ll deliver a high-quality job. We are a locally-owned and operated company and have over 8 years of experience in the business. We take pride in our workmanship and make sure our customers are completely satisfied with their new look. Our team is highly skilled, professional and has decades of experience in the field. We’re experts when it comes to concrete, stonewalls, patios, paved pathways, flagstone and more.

We offer our customers durable and beautiful hardscape. That means that your beautiful space will stay beautiful, even in the harsh outdoors. Avalos Landscape Construction LLC has a team of experienced landscapers to consult with you on your project from planning to design to construction. And if you’re looking for smaller projects such as fire-pits or retaining walls , we offer a wide selection of materials that can be built from small or large project sizes at affordable prices.

We're so confident in our work for customers that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Our company is focused on providing high-quality services with an eye for detail that sets us apart from the rest of the landscape contractors in DMV . Our team is committed to 100% satisfaction – we take pride in every project.

Our Hardscape Services Include :


Fireplaces & Firepits

Firepit designs can make a huge impact on the appearance of any outdoor space, so why not enjoy a fire with a beautiful design from start to finish? Let our experts show you how to create or enhance an outdoor living space with an elegant look that will be sure to impress friends and family alike.

Retaining Wall

Our crew has hands-on experience installing concrete, stonewalls, patios, paved pathways, and flagstone. As practiced contractors and experts in the field of concrete block retaining wall styles, we stand by our product 100% to make sure you get the best quality installation at an affordable price.

Natural Stone

We offer natural stone as an alternative to cement or concrete retaining walls or patios that are more environmentally friendly for your landscape. We also offer block and brick construction for your front yard or backyard. We'll offer multiple options for your budget so you can achieve the perfect look. Don't worry about the details, we'll take care of them!


Landscape grading has been around for quite some time now and it is becoming increasingly common thanks to advances in technology. There are different types of landscape grading and each one is intended for specific purposes like stormwater management, drainage, erosion control or beautification. Basically, all landscaping and hardscape services can be done by machine rather than by humans these days.

Sod & Mulching

When hiring a landscaping expert, it is important to hire someone who has the experience and knowledge to accomplish your desired project.

  • We provide accurate and quality service.
  • We have the skill sets necessary to deliver on this particular type of project.
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    River Stone

    River stones are not just cute decorations on a patio or garden. They can create various landscapes to enhance your design skills. River rocks are perfect for landscaping because they have attractive markings and a variety of shapes, sizes, textures and colors. Some types of river stones like broken cubes and smooth round rocks are best suited for building structures.

    We Offer Multiple Options For Your Budget
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